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Lululemon has been one of the most successful new stories in retail in the past few years, coming from nowhere to dominate the yoga-apparel niche and expand its presence throughout the activewear segment. But investors are on edge, as a high valuation raises the specter that anything short of stellar performance could lead to a big share-price plunge. Let's take an early look at what's been happening with lululemon athletica over the past quarter and what we're likely to see in its quarterly report on Thursday.

One of them, however, is not the tragic murder that happened earlier this year in a Bethesda store. Connecting Lululemon discount specifically with that murder, which is what Lawrence attempts in the second paragraph, is a sad and unfortunate foundation upon which to base an article against a company that you happen to not like. And there is absolutely no reason to believe that the murderer was a "yogi," as Lawrence writes -- practicing yoga is not a requirement of working there.

While cheap Lululemon Athletica caters to the upper segment of the market, Under Armour Inc. (NYSE: UA) sells its products to more value-conscious buyers through its collaboration with outlets like Foot Locker and Dick Sporting Goods. The industry is expected to benefit from the improving economy, giving consumers a little extra to spend on discretionary products.

Quality also translates into people and the quality of customer that the Lulu brand has attracted doesn't seem to mind paying a little more for the product. Likewise, the Lulu corporate values for talent emphasize self-empowerment, positive inner development and taking responsibility for our own lives. This culture has attracted quality employees to discount Lululemon and the company prides itself on being invested in growing that talent.

Lululemon Athletica Inc., the makers of the popular black yoga pants, are bracing customers for a possible shortage. The company had to recall thousands of pairs of its Luon pant after it was discovered several pairs of the pants were too sheer. What will housewives everywhere wear to the grocery store now? [Los Angeles Times].

What had seemed like a lot of fun in most circles has now raised the flag of "sexual exploitation". My response is "give it a rest". How PC and whiny have we become when free-willed people can't be involved with a brand in an offbeat, fun manner? I'm sure Lululemon can weather this passing storm and doesn't need my support and they will hopefully continue with this stunt.

The style chosen depends upon the use of the bra. Sports bras give the breasts extra support during activity. These are great for active ladies, and give the body comfort while having enough stretch without difficulty. Revenue in the current quarter will be as much as $343 million, down from a previous estimate of as much as $355 million, Lululemon said. Comparable-store sales will increase as much as 8 percent, compared with a previous forecast of 11 percent. Lululemon's revenue has expanded by at least 30 percent for 13 quarters, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Lululemon super trendy stretchy black pants shortage problem some of lululemon cheap-- popular black workout pants are a bit too revealing as -- You can see right through them. I sit back -- -- that was -- we can't. Yeah. "We have been following this issue very closely for over a year," said Sara Gardiner, a Lululemon Athletica Inc. spokeswoman, in an e-mail Tuesday. "While the research to date is non-conclusive and Health Canada has yet to issue their report, we have the bottles currently in the stores.